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Steelhead Jigs Our Specialty

Quality Steelhead Jigs

Your Complete Float Fishing Arsenal!

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Jody Allison
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Quality Steelhead Jigs
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Pro-Staffer Terry Wiest
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Steelhead will just "hammer" jigs!
A Beautiful Chrome Bright Steelhead caught on Anglers Advantage Jigs

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Jig and Float Fishing

Steelhead jigs simply catch fish and there is no easier and more productive method than jig and float fishing.

My Steelhead and Salmon Jigs along with my other tackle items are not available in stores so please note that the quality is unmatched.

Custom orders welcome. All Jigs tied to order!

These are the finest jigs available... you have my name on it - Jody Allison


Testimonials from a few happy customers:

"I have never found a better steelhead jig!"

"Steelhead Jigs rule... Your Steelhead Jigs ROCK!"

"the best steelhead jigs on the market!"

"Quality jigs and floats -- thanks once again!"

"The best fish catching jigs ever!"

"Thank You, Thank You... with the help of your Nightmare Steelhead jig I caught my first steelhead"

"Highly effective steelhead jigs, attention to detail, quality materials, an unbeatable price!"

Anglers Advantage Pro-Staff Angler "Cody" with a nice Steelhead
Anglers Advantage Steelhead Jigs

Anglers Advantage Pro-Staffer "Cody" with a nice Jig Caught Steelhead

Steelhead Jigs - Salmon Jigs - Custom Steelhead Jigs

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